Dr. Jayne Dabu's Top 5 Sleep Hacks

Dr. Jayne Dabu's Top 5 Sleep Hacks

Doctor Jayne here to offer tips on how you can get a better night's rest. For many of my patients over 40, it seems that getting enough sleep has become more difficult than ever before- thankfully there are several steps we can take to make sure the quality and quantity of our slumber improves. A few simple habits such as optimizing your sleep hygiene are great places for us all to start; after all, who doesn't want an extra energy boost in their day? Take these easy suggested steps and learn just what it takes to shape up those sleepy nights!

  • Quality sleep is key to feeling your best, so make sure you're following the rules of healthy sleep hygiene. 
  • Set a consistent bed and wake up time each day that works for you - this helps keep your circadian rhythm in check. Wind down before sleeping by avoiding coffee & alcohol late at night, plus create a calming environment with items like comfortable mattresses/bedding (like weighted blankets!), cooling pads, etc! Oh yeah – limit screen time pre-sleep as blue light from these devices can disrupt our natural body clock too. Sweet dreams!

  • Limit your screen time in the evenings.
  • Struggling to catch enough Z's? Studies have shown that reducing your time in front of screens can help you drift off faster. 

  • Power nap - Charge up!
  • If naps are more up your alley, aim for 10-20 minute power snoozes - no longer or else it'll be harder to fall asleep at night!

  • Incorporating essential oils into your pre-bedtime routine can work wonders. 
  • Studies have shown that the scent of lavender has calming effects and may help in combating sleeplessness. Ylang oil and chamomile are also great natural remedies for sleep issues, but if you're still struggling with snoozing soundly, it could be time to chat with an expert - specifically your doctor or a licensed health practitioner who specializes in holistic approaches. They might uncover underlying problems such as sleep apnea causing disrupted shuteye!

  • Consult a professional.
  • Struggling with sleep apnea? Melatonin may not be an ideal solution for this, but with help from your doctor you can find better approaches to improve the quality of restful slumber. Seeking out a holistic health care specialist is recommended and could even uncover underlying issues that lead up to this condition allowing more specific solutions tailored just for you! 

    Following these 5 tips will make a world of difference in improving those precious sleeping hours. 

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