Dr. Jayne Dabu's Tips for Acupuncture Over 40

Dr. Jayne Dabu's Tips for Acupuncture Over 40

At 40 and over, women have unique health needs.

Doctor Jayne here with three exciting reasons to consider acupuncture as part of your healthy lifestyle! 

First up—acupuncture can naturally regulate fertility and help you tonify any deficiencies if trying for a baby. It works by stimulating the body with specific points, which can increase blood flow to organs like your uterus. This helps balance hormones, improve egg quality and uterine lining – giving you a better chance at getting pregnant! (And even if you’re not wanting to conceive, this centuries-old Chinese medicine approach helps manage your cycle & monthly periods too!)

Acupuncture offers an amazing alternative to IVF for those looking to optimize their chances of conception. Not only is it a natural and drug-free way to improve fertility, but its detoxifying properties can help clear any blockages that may be hindering success in getting pregnant. And the best part? Acupuncture's health benefits remain no matter where you are on your baby-making journey!

Second tip–balance your hormones naturally to stay ahead of perimenopause and menopause! As a woman in her forties, it's important that you be proactive about keeping healthy. Rather than relying on synthetic or bioidentical hormones alone, why not try natural hormone balancing? It isn't just a one-off treatment – balance is something you need to commit too long term if you want the best results. 

Plus…incorporating traditional Chinese medicine as part of your wellness routine could also significantly reduce risk factors associated with gynecological cancers as we age - so what are you waiting for?! Think of this process like maintenance care: after all wouldn’t you maintain your car regularly? Your health deserves the same attention!

Acupuncture can be a great natural solution for so many common hormonal issues - from irregular periods and PMS to headaches, digestive problems and low immunity. It's also incredibly effective at addressing perimenopausal and menopause symptoms such as night sweats, hot flashes, rapid decline of sex hormones & mood changes like depression or anxiety. Plus it helps with energy levels, brain fog, weight gain & even libido!

Are you noticing a change in your body as the years come and go? Traditional Chinese medicine can help! Utilizing a balanced approach, TCM works to restore equilibrium and reduce signs of aging. With regular practice, it may even increase stamina, promote faster healing after sickness or exercise-related injuries - helping you stay healthy for many more vibrant days ahead!

Because TCM recognizes that womens’ hormones change every 7 years, TCM is the perfect tool to help you on your journey of graceful aging. It starts with assessing the patterns in your history that may be impacting how you feel right now. With acupuncture, herbs, lifestyle medicine advice and more we are here to guide you along a path toward feeling balanced as age 40 approaches!

As we age, TCM has the potential to be a powerful ally in maintaining good health and vitality. It helps address problems before they become full-blown issues—meaning minimal side effects for you! 

Think of it like this: if your roof is leaking at home, don't just ignore it--take action with repairs so that your house doesn't turn into an indoor swimming pool or moldy nightmare!

By starting with prevention now, women in their forties can age effortlessly and gracefully. Incorporating traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and acupuncture into your life is the best way to ensure a vibrant later life!

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