Dr. Jayne Dabu's Guide to Everyday Spirituality

Dr. Jayne Dabu's Guide to Everyday Spirituality

Doctor Jayne here! Feeling disconnected or overwhelmed? 

I'm passionate about helping my clients create meaningful rituals that bring joy and purpose to their lives. 


From taking a few minutes each day or week to connect with yourself, others, nature - even your own life's mission; having these simple but impactful daily habits can help you feel calmer, more grounded and tap into something bigger than ourselves as human beings. 


Doing so will help reignite that feeling of purpose as well as give you insight on what it truly means to appreciate being alive – allowing yourself plenty room for growth along the way.


You'll find that we are part of a greater whole and cosmic universe. We can practice spirituality every day by incorporating any of these practices:


  • Beginning and/or ending the day with meditation or prayer
  • Reading from a spiritual book such as the Bible, Course in Miracles, Tao Te Ching etc. 
  • Practice gratitude, appreciation and acknowledge your blessings in life 
  • Spend time in nature
  • Quiet your mind to watch for signs from the universe
  • Practice mindful breathing and eating 
  • Read books about spirituality
  • Journal your feelings
  • Practice acts of self-care 
  • Recognize your ego
  • Find a spiritual community to engage and connect with
  • Acknowledge yourself, and most importantly, acknowledge others 
  • Engage in a hobby that quiets your mind, like gardening, pottery, art, or even playing an instrument
  • Be patient and dedicate yourself to quieting your mind


Hopefully some of these ideas have inspired you to think about adding some everyday spirituality for you.

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