Dr. Jayne Dabu's - Food is Medicine

Dr. Jayne Dabu's - Food is Medicine

Doctor Jayne here. Did you know in the 4th century BCE, the Greek physician Hippocrates authored the famous oath, “Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food.” But there's some confusion as to what is considered good nourishment and what's bad nourishment. 

Nourishment is essential for our health, vitality and wellbeing. To stay in optimal condition, we must provide our bodies with the right nutrients - this means eating a balanced diet to ensure that every nutrient has been accounted for! If not, it's likely you'll face harmful consequences over time; while your body can adapt to varying diets or lifestyles choices at first glance, eventually these compromises will catch up with us if nutrition isn't properly taken into consideration. Taking care of yourself today ensures greater longevity later on down the line–and who doesn't want more life?

If your goal is to have a long, healthy life with minimal symptoms, with a great quality of life, and you want to prevent disease, then be mindful of what you're feeding your body. If you're just beginning to pay attention to what you eat, simply start out with balanced meals. Watch your portions and times you eat. Eating with balance and intention can do wonders for your health! Focus on fresh, organic food as much as possible - think lean proteins, complex carbs, and nutrient-dense fats. Your body will thank you later!

Eating right has the power to change your life. When it comes to food, not all options are created equal! While some can trigger chronic health problems when eaten in excess – others provide strong medicinal benefits that help protect you from disease. 

So remember...you truly ARE what you eat and making healthy dietary choices could make a profound difference for your long-term wellbeing.
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